Tips to taste « foie gras »

How to taste foie gras


Presentation of the liver:

One can spread the foie gras on warm toasts (of the sandwich bread type).

Some prefer it with farmhouse bread (so do I)

Then you can either place slices on these toasts, or spread them with liver. Let me say that in any case the taste of the foie gras is what matters !

One can then decorate the whole with some Sauternes wine jam : this one is very sweet but in all small quantity on the liver, it is excellent. Attention this kind of jam is very expensive.


Which drink is to be served :

Some wine indeed !



One can thus eat the foie gras with a sweet wine of the type Sauternes (rather snob, in any case expensive ; approximately 80F mini/bottle). As for drinking the wine with marrowy wine, rather take a simple wine like Sainte Croix du Mont (definitely less expensive; approximately 30F/bottle), or sweet Jurançon (about the same price but quite pleasant).

As a Net surfer (amateur of foie gras) wrote, one can also drink wine sweet Anjou, more exactly "les coteaux du Layon", "l'Aubance" and "Loire".


The champagne

As far as I am concerned, I was norn Ardenne Champagne before settling down in Aquitaine, so I prefer a champagne brut with the foie gras. Some will say to me that it is perhaps snobbery but if I had to choose between Sauternes (80F) and a bottle of very good champagne 70F (and yes one finds some very good champagnes at this price), my choice is quickly done I go for the bubbles.

By the way do you know that the large champagne trade marks are in fact a mixture of various vines in order to obtain a constant quality whatever the year and harvest. It is preferable to choose a champagne marked RM (Produced and elabored on the farm), unknown marker and taste it. There are lots of small producers in the Marne and Aube who produce very good champagne and sell the bottle 70F.

These were my lips for tasting foie gras, I do not have any more but I wish you a good appetite.

Tips to taste « foie gras »

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