Panned fresh liver recipe

Panned fresh liver recipe

I suggest several recipes for foie gras you may prepare with a frying-pan.

sliced fresh liver

Fresh liver with apples

Fresh liver with the grapes

Fresh liver with onion

Sliced fresh liver

- Take a fresh liver, cut it in slices (approximately one cm thick), salt it, pepper it then cook gently in 1 a frying pan for 2 minutes on each side.

- It is ready


Fresh liver with apples

- Peel apples, cut them into pieces then fry them gently with butter. Add a little salt and sprinkle with vinegar in the end.

- Mix in butter the peelings of apples and 2 shallots. Add 1 sugar pinch and sprinkle with vinegar. Crush the whole and reduce.

- Add juice of roast and cook for 5 more min. Fry the whole.

- Take a fresh liver, cut it into thick sections (environ 1 cm thick)

- Cook gently in a frying pan for 2min on each side , salt it, pepper it, and add a few drops of vinegar.

- Lay out apples in the plate around the sections of liver then sprinkle sauce.

You can enjoy this dish with a marrowy white wine (St croix du mont, sweet Bergerac, Montbazillac, Sauternes) or some white wine fairly sweet like the wine of Alsace: Gewürztraminer.


Fresh liver with the grapes

- Take a fresh liver, cut it into slices, salt it, pepper it then to make it cook in one frying pan.

- Add the grapes cut into pieces.

- As soon as the grapes golden, it is ready


Fresh liver with onion

- Take a fresh liver, cook it gently in a frying pan with a little grease or oil

- progressively remove the grease which it throws.

- Leave the liver and in a little grease , fry some onion with a little garlic (rather soft fire: to hardly make turn brown)

- Mix half a glass of white wine, two tea spoonfuls of flour and mix onion and garlic after you have salted and peppered.

- Simmer the foie gras in this sauce for about half an hour.

- It is ready

Liste ingredients:

1 foie gras (from 400g to 500g)

1 red onion preferably (chopped finely)

1 garlic

salt, pepper, 1/2 of white wine glass, 2 tea spoonful of flour

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