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Recipe for the netsurferspage 1

Recipe for the netsurferspage 1

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Panned fresh liver recipe

Informations on liver

How « foie gras » is prepared

Tips to taste « foie gras »

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The Foie gras blinks about it in Kha .

- Remove the vessels from the liver, salt and pepper.
- Place it in some aluminium foil.
- Sprinkle with half a glass of coconut milk
- Spread some grated galinga and place some galinga slices around the liver.
- Close the aluminium foil, but leave a chimney.
- Place in the oven for 15 minutes (medium temperature)

note: the galinga is a root like ginger which grows in Thailand but whose taste is less hot than genuine ginger.

Sliced fresh foie gras poêlé with mangoes : an other recipe which comes from Michel Mecca (former chef of the Hilton of Bangkok)

- Choose yellow mangoes not too ripe (mangoes preferably oval one from Thaïland)
- Peel mangoes, and cut the two cheeks along the core.
- Escaloper a fresh liver, in sections of approximately 1 cm thick
- Salt and pepper the liver then place them on the pan (2mn of each side)
- Keep warm
- in the grease left by cooking the liver to cook the mangoes, then thaw with a little vinegar and powder a little sugar.
- Lay out the mangoess in the plate around the sections of liver then sprinkle with the juice


My recipe for appetizers for a top-class aperitif (I test : it is really very good)

Take dry apricots, very tender, open them up as far as a sandwich and place a good nut of foie gras inside.
Processed foie gras can do the trick.

At the beginning, the guests will be surprised, but you will see your plate which will get empty quickly.
Of course, these are to be enjoyed with some champagne or sweet wines.


Liver with salt in a cloth

After having removed the vessels, roll the lobes of the liver in salt (from Guérande if possible!), and a little pepper. Salt is to be well distributed. Pack quite tightly in a cloth (clean!). Leave for 24h and taste in small sections...

An other possibility : After having packed it in the cloth, put it in the freezer. Remove it from the freezer in the morning (you must allow this preparation to defreeze in any case !). the advantage is that what you have prepared can prove useful weeks later. Quite convenient ! Freezing and defreezing accounts for the cooking in salt.