traditionnel receipt for « foie gras »

I will provide U with Four recipes :

Ø My personal recipe

Ø an almost natural example of recipe

Ø How to make foie gras semi-cooked in the oven

Ø a natural recipe for liver without cooking (with salt) recipe which was given to me by a Net surfer cook particularly dedicated to foie gras


My personal recipe

Here a first example of a traditional recipe for foie gras:

- take a liver of any size.

- Remove the vessels (to operate the liver should be at ambient temperature, eventually one can even soak it in warm water)

- salt and pepper, like a roast

- sweeten

- and above all sprinkle then with some Armagnac - porto mixture

- stuff the whole in a pot

- close the pot and sterilize: 35 minutes at 100°C

Then you will be able to taste it once the pot was cooled but I advise you to let it age for a few months ; it will have taste better.


An almost natural example of recipe

Here is an almost natural recipe:

It is only enough to salt the liver and to pepper it with the white pepper then to cook it as for the preceding recipe.


How to cook foie gras semi-cooks in the oven

If you wish to make foie gras in a terrine :

The preparation is always the same except that you place the foie gras in a terrine, you cover the foie gras with grease (if you have some), place it the oben at 70°C during 30 minutes.


A natural recipe of liver without cooking (with salt)

taste the foie gras without anything but salt (sel de Guérande).

Pepper (quality) and no cooking.

Just keep it for some 24 H hermetically covered with aluminium in the refrigerator.

Then slice it, and start again the operation seasoning with salt and pepper.

Leave alone for some 6 hours at the bottom of the refrigerator

Try these recipes and enjoy the taste of foie gras.

traditionnel receipt for « foie gras »

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