Informations on liver

The foie gras:

To buy fresh liver you have several solutions:

- directly from the producer by buying a whole duck

disadvantage: - the duck must be boned, which might be quite a problem for a beginner.

- in general the price high enough for a quality which is not better than in supermarkets.

- on the market with the fat: same disadvantage.

- in supermarkets on various occasions:

- reasonable price when there are special offers

- vacuum packaging (longer conservation)

- One can buy either a whole duck or the separate elements: neck, thighs, wings, sleeves, hearts, gizzards, steaklets, aiguillettes, grease.

- It is more economic to buy the separate elements.


There are various types of fresh liver :

- standard quality (products from Aquitaine (France), force-fed with whole corn). example :

- the extra liver: expensive and not better for special preparations

- the outstanding quality : still more expensive but not really much better

Nota Bene : I have tested about all the various types of liver.

There is no difference of taste and contracting. The contracting is proportional to the latency between the cooking and the extraction of the liver of duck.

So one should kill the animal, and then code the liver immediately. It is necessary to buy the liver from the producer and being sure the duck has just killed it (which is not always certain).


Some examples of price :(in supermarkets)

- standard quality : 130F/kg piece of 600 with 900g approximately

- extra : 160F/kg

- outstanding quality : 200F/kg

- steaklet : 50F/kg

- aiguillettes : 60F/kg

- thighs, gizzards, heart : 30F/kg

- winglets : 15F/kg

One can of course use the thighs, gizzards, steaklets and aiguillettes for conserves.

Although it seems better to prepare steaklets and aiguillettes with a frying pan or a barbecue.


How to make the conserves at home.

for example with thighs or gizzards:

- Salt with cooking salt and rest in the refrigerator for during about 24h

- Boil the duck grease in a pot

- Put the thighs in grease

- Leave the thighs when the flesh is detached from the bone

- Place the pieces in jars and cover them with boiling grease

- Close the jar.

- Then you may sterilize, but this I not necessary unless for long conservation.


Informations on liver

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